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A Truth about Life That No One Ever Told Me

Though money, success, and even happiness can make your life better and fulfil you, something I learned that nobody told me, was that a big part of your wellness in life is all about relationships.

It is all about four primary relationships, relationships that are all interrelated, and they are:

(1) The relationships you have with yourself, your family and your friends,

(2) The relationship you have with strangers,

(3) The relationship you have with the environment and the world you live in

(4) Your relationship with God, the Universe and eternal ether.

I say this because in life you are born into a world filled with people.

Regardless of who you are and where you are; everyone has a mother and a father. Even if you were adopted or under the unfortunate circumstances that your parents are deceased, your life is dependent on other people as other people’s lives are dependent on yours. The quality of these relationships mold and unfold the layers of our lives. How you view and understand yourself play into how others see you and, also how you relate to the universe and things beyond you.


You are born into this world as you and you exit this world as yourself. The relationship you have with yourself, your mind, body, soul, and skin, is all super important. Some people would believe that this relationship, as it increasingly becomes more positive and uplifting, is growth and maturity. Strengthening your resolve within you about yourself is important to who you become, what you, and how you feel as you go through your life.


Being an earthling means that there must be a relationship between you and this world, in addition to how you view your environment and interact within and with it; from the different animals to the different plants, land, sea, and air; and being able to understand and appreciate nature because you are of nature and follow the laws of nature. Also of great importance, is simple respect for the “eco system” you are a part of--remember that word from elementary natural science class? As beings we all exist as a part of a natural ecosystem because we have functioning roles on the planet as animals and high-level beings.


We all know that the people that inhabit the planet affect us, on very deep levels and very basic levels as well. From strangers that you hear about in the news to mothers, fathers, brothers, girlfriends/boyfriends, and teachers. The way we interact with people molds us into who we are and who other people are. So, having and building positive relationships with others help to ensure that everyone, (or at least the majority) you meet will gain value and add on to their life experience, regardless of how big or small that addition is.


This relationship affects our emotions and our spirits. Most people believe in something greater than themselves and are inspired by these concepts to push through and revitalize their hopes. As “spiritual” beings this relationship is what life is truly about and everything else are simply manifestations of things from this relationship. If you find that you are not a “spiritual” being this statement might not ring true for you but there is still a level of spirituality that everybody has.

Regardless of what you call “it,” God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, the relationship you have with this “concept” drives a lot of people in a deep level. Even for those who use a multitude of words to describe different aspects of the divine, that relationship is still there. We are spiritual beings having a “human experience.” And for the latter, we are beings seeking a “spiritual experience.”

The Big Picture

At the end of our lives, we will reflect on those moments of great importance to us, and I feel that 100% of those times will deal with a relationship: The start or end of one, even the transformation of one; meeting your spouse, doing something great for the community; achieving an award or accomplishing a goal. The way people feel about you, the way you feel about yourself, the planet (let’s scale down); and your hometown, “god’s” judgment for you.

Having negative relationships and breaking good relationships are a part of what create difficulty in life. Remember, having positive relationships help you to create things that will make life more enjoyable, such as happiness, wealth, renown, and success. Negative relationships will take these things from you. In life you’re paired with different people, places, and things. So, seek to empower yourself and uplift your life and do so by building these relationships.

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