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How to Manage Your Time Better

What is time management?

I would like to share my perspective on time management with you.

Do you think time management is about managing your time right?

Wrong! My take on time management really does not have that much to do with time at all. More so, time management is all about activity management.

Think about that for a second.

Time is already managed for us. Months are made up of weeks which are made up of days; days are made up of hours which are made up of minutes; minutes are made up of seconds, and it gets even minuscule from that point on. Clearly, time is already pretty much managed and organized. Its more about what we do with this “time” and how we work through our days.

This video talks about what your “mental time’ is, in scheduling priorities and creating a schedule that works with you and one that allows you to maximize your productivity. These concepts are what make up a better understanding of how we use our time. Proper time management can either make or break you. Hopefully, this perspective on time management helps you to better use your time.

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